Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ladies: It is Okay to Give Your Husband that Needed Push in the Romance Department!

Ladies, I am here to tell you that if the romance is missing from your marriage, it is okay to give your husband that 'needed' help in the romance department!

Here are 11 "Romance" starters that are sure to spunk up any relationship!

1. Go for the gusto, start off with a bang, just do it---run your fingers softly through your husband's hair--works everytime!
2. Give your husband a massage {back rub, foot massage, or full body massage!)

3. Light candles and have extra in the bedroom

4. Wear your husbands favorite perfume and spray the curtains and sheets too!

5. Plant a trail of rose petals leading to a low lit room

6. If you have a lamp in your bedroom, put a red colored bulb in and turn it on!

7. Chocolate, feed your husband chocolate (of coarse the kids shouldn't be around when you do this because there would be no chocolate left and probably no romance either!)

8. Strawberries---always have strawberries in the refrigerator. There's just something about strawberries that get you in that romantic mood---especially if you feed them to your husband!

9. If you are not used to wearing makeup, put some eyeliner or lipstick on---I guarantee that your husband will notice!

10. Listen to your husband, listen to how his day went---you, yourself do no talking except with your eyes...:)

Number 11 is for you, my readers to answer---excited to see your ideas!
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  1. I worked out the details to take my hubby on a date similar to this one. We had a great time, he even jotted me a thank you note afterwards. :) http://www.thedatingdivas.com/tara/the-bookstore-date/