Friday, July 19, 2013

The Story of Hope

After giving birth to our twins in mid July, my husband and I found out that we were expecting baby number four the Monday before Thanksgiving of the same year! We were thrilled!

Our due date was July 28th, but seriously what baby comes on their due date (maybe some, but none of ours listened!)

July 15th was a Wednesday and I went to church as usually and knew something was not right everytime I bent over to sit down or stand up during our song service I was losing fluid--I knew that my water had not broken, because there was no gush of anything, but I was losing something! I called the clinic and the doctor on call said it was probably nothing or just that the baby sitting on my bladder---Seriously! I knew better, so the next morning I went in to be checked and sure enough, there was a small tear in the baby's sac, in other words I was in labor!

The doctor wanted us to 'rush' right to the hospital---I thought yeah right! We had three little ones at home that we had to make arrangements for and it was bill paying day. So we went home and made a few phone calls, went and paid bills, and I went grocery shopping. I know what you are thinking, but these things 'had' to be done, or so I thought!

It was a little after 1PM and I still was not in any pain, but my husband and I thought we might as well go ahead and go to the hospital.

We said goodbye to our children Luke (2 1/2 yrs.) Seth and Hannah (our twins, 4 days from being 1 year old) and the grandparents.

When we pulled into the hospital parking lot, several of our friends had beat us to the hospital; which I found hilarious, but they did not.

We got signed in, taken up to "The Floor" and there were no beds for us. So we sat on some very uncomfortable stools behind the nurses station. So far I was still in no pain. As we sat there for the next three hours, we listened to women scream, fathers hollering for the doctor's and a bunch of other stuff---lol!

Around 5:30PM there was finally a room available and we finally got to go get ready for the delivery. They hooked me up to all the monitors, the doctor checked me and he told us that this was going to be a long night, because I wasn't making much progress at all---and I still was not in any pain.

The doctor left and I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, hollered for my husband to come quick FIRST LABOR PAIN and it was VERY INTENSE!

Things started to move fast, and it was time to push, the nurse asked what names we had picked out, I said, "Hope Elizabeth." Right after that, I had another labor pain, and the nurse began talking to my husband and the conversation went like this:
Nurse: So you are having a girl?
Husband: We are having a baby, not sure if it's a boy or girl
Me: The baby is a girl (spoken during the contraction--so all you moms know exactly how this was said!)
Nurse: Oh, I see
Husband: Every time we had an ultrasound, the baby would not cooperate and we never found out.
Me: It's a GIRL! My gut feel tells me it's a girl!

We had no boy names picked out, so this baby had to be a girl!

It was 9:20PM, the doctor said to push with all I had and Hope Elizabeth was born! She had a head full of black and weighed 9 pounds 4 ounces!

Big brother waiting up to meet the newest addition to our family Hope Elizabeth.

Hope turned 15 this week!
And this is the Story of Hope!

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