Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is Your Bedroom Inviting?

Is your bedroom inviting? Is it stress free?

When you walk into your bedroom, do you feel like it’s a haven, or do you feel like it’s just a place to sleep or a place to store things that you didn't have 'time' to get done that day, i.e. the laundry! Let's face it, if your bed is collecting the unfolded laundry, and the dresser is collecting the mail from that day and last weeks---then your bed room is not stress free!

We tend to make it a priority to keep the kitchen and living room clean, because that’s what other people see when they come into our homes ( I never really have company, but for the sake of this article--I am going with it!). We tend to think, the bedroom is just for us, a place to sleep, so if it’s a mess, no one ever sees it; and so the bedroom is often last on our list to clean, organize or make it a haven.

Our priorities are all wrong. I think the bedroom should be one of the first places we decorate and clean; even before the kitchen, living room or baby's room {a baby doesn’t know or care if their room is filled with boxes or if it’s decorated straight out of one of those fancy baby magazines!

You, on the other hand, do know how your bedroom looks; and if you’re going to nurture your marriage, you need to have a room that you feel is a inviting place for you ... and your husband!

And for Heaven's sake do not put a TV in your bedroom, or bring your work to your bedroom (guilty here!) ---- there's no need to be watching CSI or America's Funny Home Videos, or checking the latest blog post (read Swapppin' Spoons when you get up in the morning! tee-hee!). Instead you and your husband should be talking at night....among other things!

My husband works hard everyday, so when he gets home I want one room to be just perfect for him, a room when he can go rest, get his thoughts together, alone time with me---no kids. And I truly believe this room, is the bedroom.

What are your thoughts, share them below in the comments.

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