Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Keeping the "R" in Romance

My husband and I will celebrate 19 years of marriage in a few months and I wanted to share some things that we do for each other that has kept that "R" in our romance.

I am sure there are a ton of other things that I can list but here are a few ways that we keep romance in our marriage.

1. Say I love you--say it, text it, email it

2. Kiss--we like to kiss, most people tend to kiss in the morning when leaving for work and when they get home from work, but do it unexpectedly like in the middle of a football game, before you put the kids down, at church, etc...

3. Write a love note and give to your spouse or stick a note in his/her lunch and tell them to have a great day.

4. Buy them a gift--something small, maybe his favorite chocolate and give it to him right before bed or stick it in his lunch bag with a little sticky note with words of encouragement, or better yet, write something steamy on it. My husband gave me 6 yellow roses a couple of nights ago, for no reason--other than he loves me.

5. Give your spouse a neck rub or back massage---or better yet a foot massage.

6. Have candles lit in the bedroom, and leave the electric lights off!

7. Prepare his favorite meal or dessert

8. Constantly surprise each other---you know your spouse best, so surprise them: out to dinner, do the dishes for them, overnight trip, take the kids to a baby sitters and spend the night alone, go shopping together, grab a coffee together, etc...this list can go on and on.

9. Hold hands--my husband and I still hold hands whether at home or out in public, when we sit by each other, he will always put his arm around me (until his arm falls asleep!) (OY!)

10. Forgive One Another and make up like there is no tomorrow!
*Early in our marriage my husband and I would sometimes argue over different things (yes, I know we were very immature), but "loved" making up afterwards. We do not argue anymore (there's no point in it), so every now and then one of us will say, "Want to go make up?"

How are some of the ways that you have kept the romance in your marriage? I would love to know...Leave a comment below.

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