Thursday, June 27, 2013

Disclosure Policy

The purpose of Everyday Ramblings with Rebecca is to help encourage and inspire you in your everyday living. By sharing my thoughts and ideas on many different topics, recipes, money saving ideas, coupons, goof ups and whatever else I decide to throw in from time to time is meant to inspire you to be more frugal in your everyday living.

I want you to know that this blog has never and will never be influenced by money, but at the same time, I do believe that it is okay for me to receive a small kick back from all the work I do on here. I use affiliate links when appropriate, and allow advertising on my side bar, through different ads.

Every view and opinions expressed on this blog are mine and no amount of money received from affiliate links or side bar advertisements will ever influence that.

Commenting Policy:
Users can comment on this site. Please note that comments can and will be deleted at the sole discretion of myself. If personal affiliate links are posted on this site, I can and may delete them at my discretion
As this blog grows, I will update this disclosure policy when necessary.

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